Saturday, August 16, 2008

Icky Milk!

We knew that it was inevitable. J would one day become curious enough to want to try a food that he knew he shouldn't eat.
This is how it went...

We were sitting at the table having dinner as a family and I decided to get up and start clearing some plates. The second that I turned my back to the table, to rinse a plate, I heard a splatter sound. I turned around slowly, afraid for what I might see and there it was, J holding D's cup. He had a puddle of milk on the floor by his chair, milk was all over his chest, dripping from his chin and even on his tongue, which he was sticking out at me saying, "I ee icky mill, keen it".
I grabbed the rag, screamed an obscenity and began scrubbing his tongue, teeth, hands and face. We were all afraid but knew that there was nothing we could do. We brushed the kids teeth, read our books and then put them to bed. J was being SUPER fussy, but he is like that sometimes so we didn't think much of it. We got him to fall asleep and we went to bed ourselves.
About 4 hours later, I heard a strange scream. It was the same scream that I had heard come out of Jack during his last episode, which was over 6 months ago. I ran into his room, smacked on the light switch and there he was, poor baby Jack all covered in puke and diarrhea (sorry to be so graphic).
I immediately called Oakland Children's and they prepared for him. We are so very thankful for the cooperation of all of the doctors and nurses on staff. They were amazing. J was stabilized and they said that he was lucky to only be exposed to a small amount of the milk. His body reacted badly but he didn't go into shock or worse. He did very well. He didn't even flinch while they inserted the IV. He just sat there, all of the nurses had to come and meet the most well behaved little patient they had seen in a long time.
We had become really relaxed about keeping "icky foods" out of Jack's reach. We took his health for granted, it was a great reminder.
We feel so blessed to be home and healthy again. :]

In this video J is pretending to drink from his IV like a straw. He is such a funny guy.