Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back Again!

Poor little Jacky was back at it again. He had been slightly sick, or just not right all week, we sort of ignored the signs, on friday I called the GI for an appointment because of the recent behaviors Jack was exhibiting, fussiness, lack of hunger, irritability, lethargy and his bm's were full of mucus. He told us to bring him directly to the ER, so we loaded him into the car, 20 minutes down the road, he started vomiting. We were feeling so blessed to already be on our way. We made it there and he was admitted immediately. 

He is quite the sport, he hardly flinches for the IV, he knows how to operate the in-room TV's, he sucks in his tummy when the doctor starts poking around and he giggles like crazy when they listen to him breath. We are so thankful for his strong spirit and patience. 

I thought that we would have to completely start over with rice and work our way back up to his foods. We did this for a few days, which were miserable days. He was screaming and demanding cookies, hemp milk, rice bread, etc. Then, after some prayer and thought, we felt inspired to re-check his foods. We were feeding him items with possible trace amounts of his offending foods. We couldn't think of what he could have eaten, so we figure that this had to be it. So now we've just got to crack down on any possible exposure to the "bad foods" and help him to stay healthy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

A Change in Jack

We have noticed that Jack is happier than he has ever been before. He is less aggressive, communicating better, and more willing to trying new things. He has never attempted eating a vegetable, but for about 10 months now we have been working on broccoli. Over time he smelled, then touched, then licked, then sucked and then, most recently, dipped his broccoli in basalmic vinegar and ate it! 
Everyone that knows Jack and even people that have casually seen us have mentioned the change in Jack. It is amazing.
We think that he is finally feeling safe, maybe even comfortable with his food and even more importantly with his life.