Thursday, June 25, 2009

Jack turns 3.

People always seem to incorporate food into birthdays and celebrations. When D's birthday comes it's all about what we will be eating and what sort of cake he will have. Last year I prepared a huge birthday feast for little Jack, grilled kabobs featuring Jack safe foods, Jack safe cupcakes and a pinata with Jack safe candy. But Jack didn't take one lick of any of the food, he seemed afraid and unsure of it all, so this year we made it about Jack.
He could do whatever he wanted for a day.

He awoke.

Opened his gift, Brobee pajamas.
Put them on as his clothing for the day.

Went to lunch at Chipotle, Jack likes their pork, rice and black bean bowl.

We went to the mall to this old fashion toy store where Jack was told to pick any toy he fancied. There were some A M A Z I N G toys, but he picked a guinea pig stuffed animal.

We walked the mall, and got dairy free smoothies.

Then he was ready for bed.

I asked if he wanted to go to the Zoo the next day or spend time with family and friends at a park, he said "friends".

So the next day we packed up and went to grandma Annette's where family and friends came together to celebrate little Jack's 3rd birthday.

He hardly touched his birthday cookie, played on the slip n' slide and then passed out on the couch.

Happy Birthday Jack. We love your cheesy taste, spitfire attitude, goofy sense of humor, eccentric style, and your sweet kisses.