Thursday, February 28, 2008

Hooray for Hemp!

I must say, I am so happy that we found hemp. There are days that J just will not eat, but he will always drink his hemp milk. I used to worry about his calorie intake, but now we can all relax because in his milk alone, he is getting all of his daily requirements. It tastes wonderful and has so many great features, it just does not compare to any other substitute milks.
J now weighs 26 lbs and is 33 inches tall. He eats his cereal, Koala Crisp, with his milk and a spoon now. He looks so grown up. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Video of F.P.I.E.S.

Here is J's reaction to soy. The video was taken in September 2007. Our pediatrician wanted to see a reaction first hand, Big-D and I struggled with the idea, so I decided to bring my video camera. I am very glad that we decided to go ahead with the challenge, the video has been very helpful in explaining J's reaction.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Mr. J had his pediatrician appointment yesterday. He has only had 2 rounds of immunizations up until now, because every time that I took him for shots, they sent us away because they thought he was too sick. Because of all the controversy surrounding the shots I was determined to tell her to only give him one at a time, I even planned out how I thought the conversation would go, then I caved and let her go ahead with all of them. Anyway, he got 4! His thighs were sore for the day, but he lived through it.
I got the stats for 21 month old Jack;
25 lbs 7 oz
32 inches tall
He looks healthy and happy.
I left the appointment feeling discouraged because the doctor had never heard of J's condition. I called Dr. Fischler, our savior doctor from Scottsdale, and he said not to expect any doctor to hear of it or even understand it completely. He told me to have a doctor for colds, flu's, and immunizations and to have specialists that J sees regularly.
This sounds good to me.
This is J on the day of his shots!