Thursday, July 23, 2009


Living Harvest has come out with an ice cream!

With rich and creamy Tempt™, you won't miss dairy or soy frozen desserts one bit. Packed with natural goodness, every spoonful is a delightfully creamy treat. From flavorful Vanilla Bean all the way to exotic Coconut Lime, Tempt is simply irresistible in all five flavors.

Jack seriously thinks he has died and gone to heaven.

If you cannot have rice, don't get excited, there is a rice syrup in it. Sorry. :[

He was really nervous when he tried a bite, he screamed "no, it's belly sick"

I reassured him and said,
"Jack, I know it tastes delicious, but trust me, it's really yours."

He looked an me suspiciously and then hogged down the whole bowl.

And for that moment he looked just like a normal kid.