Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Mr. J had his pediatrician appointment yesterday. He has only had 2 rounds of immunizations up until now, because every time that I took him for shots, they sent us away because they thought he was too sick. Because of all the controversy surrounding the shots I was determined to tell her to only give him one at a time, I even planned out how I thought the conversation would go, then I caved and let her go ahead with all of them. Anyway, he got 4! His thighs were sore for the day, but he lived through it.
I got the stats for 21 month old Jack;
25 lbs 7 oz
32 inches tall
He looks healthy and happy.
I left the appointment feeling discouraged because the doctor had never heard of J's condition. I called Dr. Fischler, our savior doctor from Scottsdale, and he said not to expect any doctor to hear of it or even understand it completely. He told me to have a doctor for colds, flu's, and immunizations and to have specialists that J sees regularly.
This sounds good to me.
This is J on the day of his shots!


Blue's Creative Outlet said...

Yaaaay for Jacky being so brave and getting 4 shots! And that's good to hear your specialist say not to worry about regular docs no knowing what's up. I'm so glad he's doing better!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Haylee and Scott said...

you are so funny that you had a little speech prepared...i'm the same way.