Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just Rice.

Let me just say, the other day we stopped at Panda Express and Jacky was starving, so I had to put my thinking cap on. I saw a man next to me order the white rice, so I asked them if it was just rice, no oils, additives or anything. They said no, just rice, I know that not all FPIES kids can have rice, but Jacky can. We snagged a ketchup packet from the Wing Stop next door. So he ate a huge bowl of white rice, mixed with ketchup. He ate the whole bowl. I know that the rice couldn't have been that different from the rice I serve. He just felt completely normal, sitting at a restaurant, eating out of the same type of bowl as his brother. It was a happy moment.

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Ryley said...

How nice that Jack can have Rice. Miles's biggest reactions are to grains. He cant even have the smallest bite.
It must be a nice feeling to feel kind of "normal" for a minute.
And on a side note..isn't it crazy what kids will eat? :)