Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We have a new favorite around these parts... PIZZA!!!

All gluten, dairy, soy free products are NOT created equally. The rice crust that I attempted to use this morning, ended up in the garbage. It was flaky, dry, tasteless and falling apart!
"Rice Cheese" NEVER melts, and chunky sauce can make my 4 year old gag!

3 Key Ingredients make this possible:

1. DAIYA Cheese

It tastes like cheese, melts like cheese, stretches like cheese, can be sprinkled like cheese and best of all (as far as Jack is concerned) it looks like REAL cheese!

2. UDI'S Pizza Crust

This crust is soft, thick and the flavor is amazing!


The fresh taste and smooth consistency is super satisfying!

His pizza looked so delicious, his brother begged me for a slice!

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