Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Scream Filled Nights

I am writing this entry to the parents who are considering taking their child off of medication without doctor's consent, and I am writing this to myself, because I know that I will think about taking him off again.

I don't know if anyone goes through this as often as I do, but I am constantly deciding that Jack does not need his acid reflux medication. I HATE giving him medicine, I don't know why! I think that I like to pretend that he doesn't need it. When you do not see the effects of the disease for a while, it is hard to believe that it still exists. Anyway, I quit giving it too him two weeks ago. We decided to watch for changes in his eating habits or behavior. Within a day, J's behavior started to get worse. He was screaming nonstop and he wouldn't sleep through the night. I made excuses like, "he must be really tired", and then when he wouldn't sleep, "he must be overstimulated". As the week went on, the excuses continued, but when he began refusing to eat, I knew that I was in trouble. So we started him on it again. Poor guy, I guess I should listen to the doctors.


Haylee said...

Owen was on prevacid for a while too, he thought it was candy so i had to keep it away from him because he was always asking for candy. I am the same way though, i took him off of his pulmicort for his asthma and within a week we was up coughing his guts out all night. ugh these this kids and all there meds. looks like jack it doing better though, hes getting big!

Ela said...

Mandy, do not take him off the meds if he shows great benefit!!!
It is not a med...that affects his brain is not mood altering, it just keeps an extra amount of acid at bay!!!!
Just a thought...